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RKCB x Demo Taped – Open Arms

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Demo Taped x RKCB / New music

Seriously enjoying this very fruitful collaboration between Atlanta’s Demo Taped, and LA-based duo RKCB. Entitled ‘Open Arms’, it sees the three of them amalgamating their sounds to wonderfully immersive effect. It’s delicate, yet immediately beguiling.  Demo Taped’s glitchy, colourful production traits, partner really nicely with RKCB’s soft (but bass heavy) electronic R&B. It’s a heady combo, and you should definitely listen to it right now. Advertisements

Gallant – Bourbon

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Los Angeles’ Gallant has announced his debut album ‘Ology’, and is sharing the 5th track to be heard from said full-length. I’m really fucking hoping that this album’s 11 unheard tracks turn out to be as good as they should be. Everything he’s touched this past year-or-so, has been total gold. He’s got an unbelievably impressive range, with a voice that will no doubt be the envy of many of his peers. I was very close to […]

Seramic – Waiting

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Switching things up a little from his stellar debut ‘People Say’, Seramic has returned this week with a new track, called ‘Waiting’. In my experience, artists who operate on a wholly mYsTeRiOuS level, are often hiding something from their past – usually a previous musical endeavour that they want to keep quiet for the moment, hoping that listeners/readers will then be taking in the music with zero preconceptions. It’s a whole load of fun for everyone. Musical enigmas aside, […]

Johanan – All At Once

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Johanan / New music

Big fan of this lad. I mean, Swedish for one. Secondly, totally genre-bending and experimental. Voice = smooth as you like. Also, pristine pianos, and heavenly horns. Finally, there’s some bat-shit crazy stuff going on in the bridge which is really weird and cool. Johanan is a very exciting talent. Make sure to check out his previous ones ‘Holy Spirit’ and ‘Go On (Let It Go)’. Stream his latest, ‘All At Once’ below.

Rodney Tenor – Prognosis Hypnosis

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New music / Rodney Tenor

It’s probably worth getting to know this chap, Rodney Tenor. A member of the fast-rising “collective” Brockhampton (they’re actually fucking great), Rodney here – is probably the most immediately accessible of the clan. Arguably, a soulful, RnB, weird-pop-star in the making, it would be lazy to compare his sound and situation to the early days of Frank Ocean, but that’s exactly what I’m going to do here. As the months go by, Brockhampton, and its core […]

Hudson Scott – Clay

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Hudson Scott / New music

Newcomer (not really a newcomer if you trace his steps back) Hudson Scott impresses with his joyous debut single ‘Clay’. Squiffy synths, funk-laced guitar lines, and a delectable, memorable voice. Mr Scott is off to a great start. But, whoever doubted him? This is soulful, alternative pop at its most inventive. Give it a whirl, below.

HUNNY – Natalie

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HUNNY / New music

Following up their huge debut that arrived a few months ago, HUNNY have returned with new single ‘Natalie’, and what a return it is. With a distinctly more accessible feel to the whole sound, the band really feel like they’ve come of age in this new single. It’s a drastic step away from the genre they were pursuing in previous incarnations of the band – but with this new single, they’ve embraced delicate synth arrangements, […]

Dreller – One Night Stand

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Dreller / New music

Talk about a strong debut. Dreller entered all our lives yesterday with his debut track ‘One Night Stand‘. An illustrator, animator, film maker, and apparently hugely talented musician, Dreller was announced yesterday as the latest signing to Chvrches-owned label Goodbye Records, and what a huge statement of intent it is. “I just wanna fall in love with something real” he sings towards the end of this five-minute epic. I can assure you, that by the […]

Rationale – The Mire

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New music / Rationale

I mean, Rationale has been one of the biggest hits of the year, without a doubt. Something of a surprise arguably, given his unusual sounding voice, and his tendency to refuse to adhere to the rules of one particular genre. Case in point, his new single ‘The Mire‘. Perhaps his most ‘pop’ moment to date, the new single bounces along, with some 80’s disco-esque sounding drums providing the perfect backdrop for Rationale’s thick, warbling tones. […]