Seramic – Waiting

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Switching things up a little from his stellar debut ‘People Say’, Seramic has returned this week with a new track, called ‘Waiting’.

In my experience, artists who operate on a wholly mYsTeRiOuS level, are often hiding something from their past – usually a previous musical endeavour that they want to keep quiet for the moment, hoping that listeners/readers will then be taking in the music with zero preconceptions. It’s a whole load of fun for everyone.

Musical enigmas aside, this new track is exceptionally enjoyable. I mentioned D’Angelo in a little write up of his debut track, and I’ll stand by that comparison for this new track too. It’s off-kilter R&B, laced with carefully written elements of funk. Sultry piano lines open proceedings, with synthesized (and wonderfully distorted) horn sections joining in the fun in the bouncy chorus. But it’s when his voice is exposed, and at its most vulnerable that Seramic is most impressive. A voice that I’ve no doubt we’ll all be hearing a lot more of this year.



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