Gallant – Bourbon

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Los Angeles’ Gallant has announced his debut album ‘Ology’, and is sharing the 5th track to be heard from said full-length. I’m really fucking hoping that this album’s 11 unheard tracks turn out to be as good as they should be. Everything he’s touched this past year-or-so, has been total gold. He’s got an unbelievably impressive range, with a voice that will no doubt be the envy of many of his peers. I was very close to buying tickets for his London show last night, but then remembered how expensive the beer is in that particular venue, and decided against it (probably a big mistake). Anyway, getting back on topic. Latest single ‘Bourbon’ is an absolutely stunning song. Getting pretty emotional about how good it is tbh. In fact, nope. Just please listen below, and I’m gonna let this trusted reviewer explain to you exactly what to expect from Gallant. ‘Ology’ will see a release on April 6th via MOAG.



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