Month: September 2015

HUNNY – Natalie

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HUNNY / New music

Following up their huge debut that arrived a few months ago, HUNNY have returned with new single ‘Natalie’, and what a return it is. With a distinctly more accessible feel to the whole sound, the band really feel like they’ve come of age in this new single. It’s a drastic step away from the genre they were pursuing in previous incarnations of the band – but with this new single, they’ve embraced delicate synth arrangements, […]

Dreller – One Night Stand

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Dreller / New music

Talk about a strong debut. Dreller entered all our lives yesterday with his debut track ‘One Night Stand‘. An illustrator, animator, film maker, and apparently hugely talented musician, Dreller was announced yesterday as the latest signing to Chvrches-owned label Goodbye Records, and what a huge statement of intent it is. “I just wanna fall in love with something real” he sings towards the end of this five-minute epic. I can assure you, that by the […]

Rationale – The Mire

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New music / Rationale

I mean, Rationale has been one of the biggest hits of the year, without a doubt. Something of a surprise arguably, given his unusual sounding voice, and his tendency to refuse to adhere to the rules of one particular genre. Case in point, his new single ‘The Mire‘. Perhaps his most ‘pop’ moment to date, the new single bounces along, with some 80’s disco-esque sounding drums providing the perfect backdrop for Rationale’s thick, warbling tones. […]

Jamie Woon – Sharpness (Live From Konk Studios)

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Jamie Woon / Live / New music

When Jamie Woon triumphantly returned a month or so back with ‘Sharpness’ – it was mentioned that this new material was built, with a live vision – moving away from his earlier incarnations as a more electronic, arguably one-dimensional/laptop based producer. Lo and behold, Mr Woon has now shared his vision, with this totally and completely incredible live version of the aforementioned track. It’s absolutely everything I wanted from it, and much more. Everything is […]

Broen – Boy

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Broen / New music

Now this is very cool. Admittedly I’m a little late to the party here, but Norwegian outfit Broen are here to shake things up. Genre-bending new single ‘Boy’ is stupendously hard to define. Bringing in elements of African music, to a palette of Scandinavian pop, all tied together with some irresistibly skewed songwriting touches. Apparently the song is “about an ex-boyfriend that [lead vocalist- Marianna Røe] had a strong love/hate relationship with,” going on to […]

Freedom Fry – Tropicana

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Freedom Fry / New music

Some bold funky vibes coming straight out of Los Angeles here, courtesy of the superb Freedom Fry. New track ‘Tropicana’ showcases a really enjoyable amalgamation of nostalgic 70’s funk, with a modern indie-pop slant. There’s certainly something about this duo which sets them apart from the crowd, and it’ll be interesting to see if they eventually do cut the mustard – so to speak. Give ‘Tropicana’ a listen below.

ROCH – Closer

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New music / ROCH

20-year old Londoner ROCH has delivered one of the most hauntingly beautiful, and arresting tracks of 2015, in the shape of ‘Closer’. Simple, ghostly guitar lines guide ROCH’s striking vocals, as the song glides along – never failing to lose the attention of the listener. A very strong start. Stream ‘Closer’ below.

Iiris – Iridescent Love

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Iiris / New music

Estonian-born Iiris has been thrust into the limelight this past 24 hours, with her new single ‘Iridescent Love’ – a striking noir-pop track, which sits in a very chilled-out, dreamy zone, before kicking into a shuffling dance number around the half way mark. Now based in London, Iiris (surname: Vesik) is preparing to release her new EP ‘Hope’ on the superb Hand In Hive. Citing the likes of Björk and Debussy as inspiration, Iiris’ sound is one that is […]

Desta French – Like No Other

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Desta French / New music

It’s rare to find a London based artist who doesn’t have connections to some much sunnier shores these days. On that note we’d like to introduce you to Desta French, based in London, but with ties in Italy, and Colombia. A moment ago she shared her second track ‘Like No Other’ – perfectly encapsulating the finest aspects of 90’s R&B, and putting it all in a blender with pinches of off-kilter alternative pop, and South-American […]