Josh Flowers & The Wild – The Cold

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I’ve found it really difficult to listen to anything but the new Everything Everything album over the past 4 days. Actually, I’ve reunited myself with Wild Beasts’ second album too, but I’m getting off topic. Come on, focus. Point is, it’s taken me a little longer than usual to getting round to writing this blog post. But yeah.

I was introduced to Josh Flowers & The Wild on Monday night, the night they happened to unveil a video for new song The Cold. Let me first go on record saying that I think this video is downright sublime. It begins with the male protagonist taking his pet bird for a stroll through a labyrinth of dark caves, before he finds an absolute babe in a conveniently well lit cave. They then proceed to dance their troubles away, before the caves start to, well, cave in on them, literally. I’m sure it’s all a loose metaphor for something, but visually, it’s very impressive.

The song itself, ‘The Cold’ which comes off their forthcoming EP Young Bones (set for release in March) is a stunning folk inflected rock ballad. Instrumentally it reminds me of The National in places, but with a much poppier and more accessible feel to it. Flowers’ vocals and lyrics are equal parts endearing and fragile, and compliment the rest of the song with aplomb. I can’t wait to hear the rest of this EP, and no doubt we’ll all be hearing a lot more about Josh Flowers & The Wild in 2013.

Download The Cold for free over at the band’s bandcamp, and watch the video for the track below.


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