TOP ALBUMS OF 2012 – #25 – 21

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I’m still relatively new to the blogging game. Dipping my toe into it every now and again has been fun, and has been a nice way to keep me distracted from getting my degree. But anyway, here we are, (almost) the end of the year. 2012, has been one of the most exciting years for new music, and has provided us with some absolutely incredible albums, and some pretty God awful ones, naming no names. Throughout this week, I’ll be revealing my favourite 25 albums of the year. Expect some surprises along the way. Let’s go. Here’s 25-21.

25. Pond – Beard, Wives, Denim


It’s been a pretty busy year for Pond. Beard, Wives, Denim was the band’s first full-length release on Modular, and their best received album to date. Dividing their touring schedule between this project and Tame Impala must be a pretty gargantuan task, but they’ve managed to find time to write and release an album full of brave, engrossing, and in places wacky, psychedelic tracks that make for a hugely enjoyable listen.

24. NZCA/Lines – NZCA/Lines


NZCA/Lines, aka Michael Lovett was thrust into the blogosphere limelight when the video for Compass Points surfaced in August of last year. Since then the project gained considerable pace and we were treated to the release of his debut album on the 27th February 2012. At it’s heart, NZCA/Lines is a pop record, but there’s more to it than that. Taking a fascinating approach to pop, combining elements of soul, electronica, RnB and funk, this collection of songs is something really special, and will no doubt feature on a number of top albums of the year lists.

23. Title Fight – Floral Green


Title Fight’s highly anticipated second record ‘Floral Green’, was the next step in the band’s steady departure from the in-your-face pop-punk that we saw in earlier releases. Floral Green is a much darker affair, with some of the songs taking on a more laid back and melancholic stance, for example stand out track ‘Head In The Ceiling Fan’. Thankfully, the album isn’t all heartbreak and sadness as the band takes us back to their roots with more up-beat and fast paced tracks like ‘Leaf’ and ‘Frown’ which display the traits of their original guise of a post-hardcore/pop-punk band. Altogether Floral Green is a very well rounded release. Title Fight took a chance with this record, and I think the risk most certainly paid off.

22. Paws – Cokefloat!


I’ve got to say, it took me a while to really *get* Paws. I don’t think this was helped by some of the live session videos I’d seen, where the singer is literally singing through a kid’s toy. It sounded rough. But thankfully, the Glaswegian trio recruited Rory Attwell to produce their debut full-length, and he really did a splendid job. Bursting with teenage angst, Cokefloat! is a 90’s inspired grunge-pop album sure to melt the hearts of fans of the genre. Admittedly some of the tracks are more memorable than others, and some of them are best left forgotten, but for the most part, this album is charming, gritty, catchy, and, well, just really great.

21. First Aid Kit – The Lion’s Roar


I have a First Aid Kit poster on my wall. I’m 22. I feel that speaks volumes for how much I love these two girls. This, the sisters’ second album, reached #1 in their home country of Sweden, and I was absolutely delighted for them. Both Klara and Johanna’s voices are absolutely stunning throughout, and together their harmonies are completely irresistible. The production is also gorgeous, thanks to Mike Mogis of Bright Eyes who handled the production duties on this album. Seriously, if there was a better folk/acoustic record released this year, please tell me about it. Actually, no don’t. I think I’ll just listen to this one again. Cool.


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