Sivu – God Speaks In Tongues

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Christmas is fast approaching. It’s a wonderful time of year, where I have very little to do, which frees up plenty of time to listen to, and write about new music. To that end, here’s an early Christmas present for you all: the quite excellent, Sivu.

Under this new guise, Sivu, aka James Page has opted for an orchestral, atmospheric take on the acoustic genre. Not unlike Leeds’ Fun Adults, and certainly reminiscent of Alt-J and “Flaws”-era Bombay Bicycle Club, the two tracks Sivu has revealed are quite simply, stunning. The latest of which, ‘God Speaks In Tongues’ showcases Page’s fragile vocals, and kind of reminds me of Active Child in places. I’d say that was mainly down to the great use of the harp in the chorus, but yeah. The orchestration in the track is absolutely beautiful, and is probably its strongest asset.

I also implore you to listen to Sivu’s other track ‘Better Man Than He’, which arguably is the stronger of the two. Both are available to stream below. Also, if you get a chance, watch this amazing session he did with help of a string section, and long time collaborator, Adam Powell.


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