Flood Of Red – They Must Be Building Something EP

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The title of Flood Of Red’s new EP certainly echoes my recent thoughts on the band. Their latest proper release was the excellent debut album Leaving Everything Behind, released back in 2009. Since then, they’ve been pretty quiet. 

For as long I’ve known, Flood Of Red have been stuck in a “scene” in which they seem to be the odd one out. Whilst they clearly are a rock band at heart, I’ve always thought they had a lot more about them than their peers. Upon the release of Leaving Everything Behind, the band began to receive comparisons to Philadelphia indie-rock behemoths Circa Survive, and it was understandable. The songs Flood Of Red were writing were absolutely huge. The vocals were powerful and heart-felt, the drumming was complex and fast paced, and there was a real sense of urgency about the whole album.  

With this new EP ‘They Must Be Building Something’, the Airdrie-based five piece have stepped up their game once again. Jordan Spiers’ vocals are executed with pin point accuracy throughout, with his strong Scottish accent continuing to add that extra dimension to the band’s sound. To me, this new EP sounds a lot more progressive. Flood Of Red aren’t going straight for the jugular from the off, as they’ve done in the past. It sounds like a meticulously thought out process, and it sounds incredible.

So many bands whom I was a fan of in my teens I’ve fallen out of love with. My music taste has changed pretty drastically over the last few years, but Flood Of Red are one of the few who have endured. You can stream the new EP They Must Be Building Something below, and if you like it, go download it here.


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