Local Natives – Breakers – VIDEO

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2009 and 2010 were a couple of good years in my life. I’d just started my first year of university, and I didn’t really have a care in the world – apart from never having enough money to fund my expensive habit of buying new CD’s every week. Los Angeles’ Local Natives released their debut album ‘Gorilla Manor’ towards the end of 2009, and for the next year or so, it was my most listened to record. We were inseparable. 

Now they’re back with the news they’ll release their sophomore full-length ‘Hummingbird’ on the 29th January next year. Now, I’m excited for a lot of records in 2013, but this one has got to be near the top my list. So I was delighted when today they revealed a video for the brilliant lead single ‘Breakers’. Directed and shot by Jaffe Zinn, the clip is an enjoyable watch, if a little bizarre in places, as the band members are shot in reverse, and then thrown back in to real-time at will. But yeah, it’s a great song, so watch the video below.


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