Moonheads – Nugget

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It’s that time of the year when university assignments start arriving thick and fast, and they’re really starting to get to me. Someone, help, please. But after hearing this track yesterday, I thought I’d grab a minute today to write a little something about it. So yeah, it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Moonheads.

I think I know one of the dudes in this band. That leads me to the presumption that they’re based in and around Hertfordshire, maybe London area, who bloody knows. ‘Nugget’ is one of the first tracks to be heard from the band, and it’s a joyous introduction. Combining elements of old school psychedelia with the bluesy tendencies of ‘Magic Potion’-era Black Keys, Nugget is a slice of pure psychedelic-garage rock brilliance. Has to be said that the band aren’t really pushing the boundaries of musical originality here, as I could easily be listening to a long lost Tame Impala B-side here, but who gives a damn when they’re doing it this well? Only criticism would be perhaps the solo at the end needs a bit of work. Just get the notes right, man. Stream Nugget (and download for free) below.


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