Daydreamer – Because

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What are the rules about blogging about an EP 5 months after its release? Wait, shut up, don’t tell me. I don’t want to know, because I’m going to blog about it anyway. ‘Because’ is the debut EP from Los Angeles shoegaze/noise-pop crossover four piece, Daydreamer, and my God, it’s pretty stunning.

It’s such a great moment, when you find yourself on a band’s bandcamp, without really remembering how or why you ended up there, then you press play, and you sort of instantly know you’ve stumbled across your new favourite band. Essentially, ‘Because’ is a 4 track EP with 2 interlude/guitar-distortion tracks slotted in for good measure. Opener ’Beach Blanket’ hits you right from the off with a fast, up-beat drum line and punchy guitar riff, then comes in the singers chilled out shoegazey vocal lines. It’s a fascinatingly experimental approach, and something I’ve really not heard anything like before. Some of the instrumentals sound like they could be coming from a melodic hardcore band, which personally I’m not adverse to, but combined with the often totally inspired song writing and powerful dreamy vocals, this collection of songs is a wonderfully interesting and enjoyable listen.

If you’re a fan of the uncompromising raw energy bands like Touché Amoré, and you also happen to have a liking for the dream/indie-pop vibes of DIIV and Wild Nothing, then you are going to like this. Listen to the EP below, and download it for free right here. Saying I can’t wait for more music from Daydreamer would be a huge understatement.


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