This Town Needs Guns – Left Aligned

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One might fear that if a band were unfortunate enough to lose half of their band members in the space of a matter of months, it would spell the end for said band. In most cases, yeah, it probably would spell the end. Thankfully, this hasn’t been the case for This Town Needs Guns

Following the announcement that lead-singer Stuart Smith would be leaving the band to start a family, friend of the band Henry Tremain, was drafted in as a replacement. On first inspection it seemed like he was the perfect replacement. Originally a member of Norwich-based Pennines, Henry has an instantly recognisable voice, and is conveniently an extremely talented guitar player. Then came the next road block. Long time bass player Jamie Cooper decided to call it quits on the band too. Miraculously, Tremain has taken on the tricky (understatement of the century) task of filling both their shoes, and by the sounds of things, he’s completely pulling it off.

Fast forward 11 months and the band have unveiled details of their second record ‘′ – the first release with Henry as the band’s frontman. On the evidence of ’Cat Fantastic’ and the latest track to be heard from the album ‘Left Aligned’, we’re in for a real treat. The band’s trademark math-rock infused indie appears unchanged (thank God), with Henry’s vocals bringing an exciting new layer to their sound. ‘’ is set for release on 22nd January next year on the excellent Sargent House RecordsStream Left Aligned below, and make sure you head here to pre-order the album.


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