Birdskulls – Mispresume

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Art Is Hard Records are unstoppable right now. Over the past few weeks they have treated us to a plethora of fantastic new music from the likes of Flamingods, Dolfinz and Best Friends. Today, they’ve announced the release of Birdskulls’ debut double A-side single ‘Mispresume / Rolling Tongue’.

Hailing from the South West in Exeter, Birdskulls play an interesting blend of grunge-pop, tinged with an emo/punk vibe, and ‘Mispresume’ is the perfect introduction to the band. The single will be released on orange cassette, with every order coming with a hand-knitted wooly hat, cool right? The release date is set for December 17th, with a launch party being planned for the 15th December at The Cavern in Exeter. So if you’re from around there, you should probs go to it. Stream ‘Mispresume’ below. I can’t stop listening to it.


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