Lovelife – Heaven

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Evolution is an interesting concept, especially in the context of music. Bands and musicians will forever be evolving, trying new things, adapting to changes in the industry, adapting to changes in their own taste in music, and inevitably, adapting to changes in the general public’s taste.

Lee Newell, Lovelife’s mercurial lead vocalist has taken an interesting musical journey over the past five years or so. Some of the projects he’s been involved in I’ve thoroughly enjoyed, others not so much. However his passion and commitment to a career in music and his downright refusal to give up cannot be faltered.

With Lovelife, or LVLF, however you want to stylise it, Lee seems to have found his heaven. Together with Ally Young, previously of Brighton’s Mirrors, the now Brooklyn-based duo produce incredibly slick R&B infused electro pop tracks. In new track Heaven, Lee talks about his experiences in previous band Viva Brother, with the lyrics vividly depicting the worst and best moments in the band’s short time together. This is the third song to be heard from the forthcoming EP ‘The Fourth Floor’, and it’s certainly a very promising start, especially with the well received ’El Regreso’ EP already under the belts.

The new EP ‘The Fourth Floor’ is set for release on 10" vinyl/digital on December 10th via National Anthem. Listen to ‘Heaven’ below, and two more tracks from the EP here.


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