Intervals – Water

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The music industry is a cruel mistress. But everyone knows that, no more so than London (via Oxford) based quartet Intervals.

Originally operating under the moniker ‘The Black Sand’ (and probably a few other names in the 11 years they’ve been together), the band have reinvented themselves, and have decided to make a fresh start with a new name and a new musical direction.

Citing their influences as Wild Beasts, Radiohead and The Maccabees, they certainly seem to have found a middle-ground between these three acts, and appear to be intent on building on their sound and making it their own. In my own humble opinion, the band’s sound seems to be in a similar vein to the likes of Worship and Spring Offensive – with the vocals akin to Pat Grossi’s (Active Child) hauntingly beautiful falcetto. I think it works exceptionally well, and has left me hankering for more.

Intervals’ debut single ‘Water’ is available to buy on iTunes now.


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