Lovelife - Stateless EP

This week marks the release of Lovelife's third EP 'Stateless', and by jove, it's spectacular.

Not straying too far from the sound they’ve honed on their previous two EP’s (which can be downloaded for free here), Stateless is an EP filled with luscious electro/RnB jams, that really do stick out in a year that’s been quite a good year for electronic music.

Stream the whole EP below. Also available to purchase on iTunes, and on 10” vinyl on Akira Records.

Also, as an extra treat, the band have unveiled a banging garage remix of Foxes' hit “Youth”, which can be heard below. Boom.

Jagwar Ma - The Throw VIDEO

I’m a sucker for funk. On my first listen of Jagwar Ma’s The Throw, for the first 1:13 seconds I was longing for a huge funky bass line to get all up in my face. My prayers were answered at 1:14.

But don’t be mistaken. This is no funk band, and The Throw, no funk song. This is psych-pop for the masses, with a heart of gold. Sydney’s Jagwar Ma are without a doubt on their way to stardom. 

Watch the psychedelic new video for The Throw below. (ps, you only have to wait until 1:05 for the bass line in the video, boom.)

Mmoths - All These Things (feat. Holly Miranda)

Irish producing prodigy Mmoths, aka Jack Colleran has today unveiled the second track to be heard from his forthcoming EP ‘Diaries’. 

In what arguably might be his most mainstream release yet, Mmoths has enlisted the help of LA based songstress Holly Miranda on vocal duties, and the result is a stunning.

The new EP ‘Diaries’ is set for release on March 4th via SQE. Stream All These Things below.

Calories - DMT EP


Before the likes of Peace, Swim Deep, Jaws, and Troumaca decided it was their natural born right to fly the flag for the Birmingham indie music scene, there were a whole host of excellent bands who were doing something a little different, a little more abrasive, and little more, dare I say it, edgy. Today we’re talking about Calories, who are totally back.

Oh, Calories. I’ve missed you. DMT, is the title of the quartet’s new four track EP, released yesterday on a pay-what-you-want basis. It harks back to the days of their phenomenal debut album Adventuring released way back in early 2009. It’s melodic, patient in its delivery, catchy as hell, and so feel-good it makes me wonder whether anything bad will ever happen to the world again. It would have taken something special to tear me away from listening to the new Local Natives record, and this EP was my saving grace. Cause, Hummingbird is depressing me, in a good way.

But seriously, download DMT, for free, right now, or y’know, give Calories a treat, and pay something for it.

Watch the video for the title-track below, and download the EP, below that.

Dan James - Just Keep Coming Back


I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. You know when you completely adore a band, and love everything they release? Then they split up. And you’re left in a state of disarray, and you’re just left waiting for the day their lead singer branches out as a solo artist. In this case, the band was Proceed, the lead singer was Dan Lancaster, and that day was yesterday.

Now operating under the guise Dan James, he has unveiled a new solo demo entitled ‘Just Keep Coming Back’, along with covers of David Guetta’s Titanium, and Jessie J’s Mama Knows Best. To be honest, I’m not all that interested in the covers, despite how impressive they are. The really exciting thing is this first demo. I’m finding it really hard to tag a genre to it. Quite clearly he has a mind-blowingly exceptional singing voice, but I’ve known that since his Proceed days. Utilising an intricate, kind of slap-string acoustic guitar technique throughout, and combining that with atmospheric piano lines and chord punches, and spacey electronic drum samples, the whole song is absolutely huge. Oh, and did I mention he performed all the instruments himself, and produced and recorded it all himself. Yeah.

There’s never been any doubt in my mind that this guy wouldn’t make it eventually, and I’ve got a feeling this could be his breakthrough.

Stream Just Keep Coming Back below.

Emperor Yes - Cosmos

Any band with Three Trapped Tigers drummer Adam Betts in their ranks is probably going to be good. But then when you throw notoriously excellent producer, and head of House of Strange studios, Ash Gardner into the mix, you’re undoubtedly onto a winner.

Emperor Yes, completed by multi-instrumentalist Hugo Sheppard, yesterday unveiled a new track entitled Cosmos, and it’s bloody brilliant. Combining elements of synth pop, with progressive alternative electro, this latest cut from the band is verging on a masterpiece. The new single will see a release through Tape Club Records on March 11th, and the band are touring with another one of our favourites Tall Ships in early March. You’d be a fool to miss them both.

Stream Cosmos below, and check out their tour dates with Tall Ships here.